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Sectional garage door


Newcastle Upon Tyne based Armour DS Ltd manufacture and install sectional garage doors for homeowners and commercial clients.


It can be challenging knowing which type of door to choose for your garage. There is an increasingly wide range of options available, with some being more suitable for particular settings and installations than others. Recently, sectional garage doors have become a very popular choice with homeowners.


Here at Newcastle Upon Tyne based Armour DS Ltd, we're happy to give you any advice you need in deciding whether sectional garage doors are the ideal ones to replace your existing ones with. Just get in touch with our experienced team.

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  • What is a sectional garage door?
    A sectional garage door is a versatile and efficient solution in many home and commercial situations. They are particularly popular for installations where space may be limited. As the name suggests, a sectional garage door consists of 4 or more separate sections rather than a single panel. They are designed to open vertically along a track, which means that there is no loss of driveway space in front of the garage. At the same time, they provide a full opening drive width, making them suitable for wider vehicles such as MPVs and 4X4s. The sections are usually constructed from galvanised steel filled with CFC-free foam. They are also available in a timber finish, as well as a variety of thicknesses depending on the brand and style. Sectional garage doors are suitable for both manual or remote control operation and come in a range of colours and finishes, as well as glazing and stainless steel decorative motifs. At Armour DS, we supply and fit leading brands including Hormann, Wisnoiwski, JD UK, SWS UK, Novoferm, Alutech and Ryterna.
  • What are the advantages of a sectional garage door?
    Because of the space-saving features of sectional garage doors, they allow vehicles to be parked up against them. They do not require space to swing out when they open and close as is the case with traditional garage doors. The door panels are designed to curve upwards over the opening. When the doors are closed, they are then pulled back into the headroom of the garage. When a sectional garage door has been correctly specified and fitted, they provide a full drive-through in terms of both height and width. They are an ideal solution in garages with limited access dimensions where space needs to be maximised. As well as optimising the available space, in smaller installations sectional garage doors provide added security benefits. While traditional garage doors have pivot points that can easily be manipulated by criminals to gain access to your garage, sectional garage doors have a closed structure without any penetration points. This makes them difficult for criminals to break into. Sectional doors are sturdy, safe, and robust and the added security elements in their design can give you extra peace of mind. When used with other security elements such as locks and alarms, sectional garage doors enhance your security even further. Sectional garage doors are also some of the most weather-tight doors on the market, meaning that whatever you store in your garage you can be confident it will remain dry.
  • How do you install a sectional garage door?
    Installing a sectional garage door is a relatively straightforward process. It presents no extra difficulties or challenges when compared to other types of garage doors. Sectional garage doors come with installation guides to help with the installation. Professional fitting of sectional garage doors is advised to ensure their safe operation. Professional fitting will also ensure that you enjoy the maximum benefits in terms of space and security.
  • How much are sectional garage doors?
    Sectional doors are a sleek, durable, space-saving and highly secure option for your domestic or commercial garage. As you would expect, the cost of installing sectional garage doors can vary considerably depending on the size, manufacturer, and nature of the installation. Remote control doors will usually be more expensive to install than manual options. While a sectional garage door is not the cheapest option, when you have a high-quality sectional garage door professionally installed it can last you a lifetime with minimal maintenance. A basic sectional garage door without installation can be obtained for less than £2,000. However, if you are looking for a door with maximum security, good looks and smooth operation that is likely to last for decades, then you will need to consider paying more. A high-quality sectional garage door is an investment that adds security and convenience to your home or business.


“Fantastic quality garage door with automatic controls, outstanding service & fitted by 2 lovely blokes who did a brilliant job, very courteous & left the place so tidy. We are delighted with it & would highly recommend this company.”

Jeanette Young

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If you would like to arrange a free quotation for new sectional garage doors today, then it’s as easy as picking up the phone and calling Newcastle Upon Tyne based Armour DS Ltd on 0191 226 1444.

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